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Health Professions Internship

The Health Professions Internship  is accepting applications for Interns. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to Dr. James Chen at jchen@aosportsmed.com

The internship program begins each year on June 1st. However, we have accepted interns at other times provided they make a 1 year commitment. Qualifications are students who have graduated from a college or university and plan on attending medical school, nursing school, or physician-assistant school. An interest in Orthopaedics is preferred but not required.


Teaching Staff

  • James L. Chen, MD (Director)
  • Patrick J. McGahan, MD
  • Edward C. Shin, MD
  • Neil P. Pathare, MD

Program Address

Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

450 Sutter Street, Suite 400

San Francisco, CA 94108

Phone: (415) 900-3000

Fax: (415) 900-3001



The Health Professions Internship is designed to provide hands-on practical experience to college graduates bound for medical school, physician-assistant school, or nursing school. Interns work directly under the supervision of physician to learn essential skills necessary for a career in health care. These skills include how to take a medical history, how to document and chart an electronic medical record visit, how to document and recorsd a physical examination.


The interns learn how a medical office is operated and essentials that will help them whatever specialty or practice they choose. Interns learn how to present a patient history to a physician, how to review xrays and MRIs, and how to develop a differential diagnoses.


Interns have the opportunity to observe surgery of the shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, ankle, and soft tissues. Interns will engage in two research projects with the goal of publishing their projects in peer-reviewed journals or national conferences. The goal of the internship is to help the intern gain admission into professional school.


To this end, the intern will receive period admission counseling sessions with staff, have their professional school application reviewed, and participate in two mock admissions interviews.


Our intership program began in 2012 and has a 100% acceptance rate into professional school.

Our Program Alumni


Wilson Lai - UCLA School of Medicine

Garwin Chin - UC Irvine School of Medicine


Krystal Miziguchi - Tuoro University Physician Assistant School

Alan Tam - Southwestern Nursing School

Johnson Wong - Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Kathy Vo - Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

Allan Chan - Virginia Commonwealth Medical School


Maverick Jubane - Oregon Health Sciences University Medical School

Paul Conlon - Medical College of Wisconsin

Jonathan Charlu - St. Louis University Medical School

Tracy Dodge - Oregon Health Sciences University Physician Assistant Program


Jack Luo - Quinnipiac University School of Medicine

Chase Fong - Albany Medical College

Sara Tong - Tuoro University

Jane Lee - Stanford University Physician Assistant Program

Stephy Liang - San Francisco State University Nursing School

Current Interns

  • Vann Luong
  • William MacHale
  • Emily Ly
  • Asher Mirvish
  • Danoush Paborji